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Fine Wine & Food Fair 2019 - May 5-13The Vila Vita 'Fine Wine & Food Fair 2019' will take place from May 5th until May 13th, with Cookouts, Dinner Events, Wine Masterclass and Kitchen Party. Don't wait too long. Secure your Kitchen Party ticket before it's sold out!

Church serviceSt Luke´s Church, Palhagueira will be holiding the following Church of England services over the Easter period: Palm Sunday Eucharist at 11.30am, Maundy Thursday at 6.30pm, Good Friday Liturgy at 11.30am and Easter Sunday Eucharist at 11.30am.

Igreja de Pereiras in Quarteira will be holding services on Palm Sunday 9.30am Eucharist, and Easter Sunday Eucharist at 9.30am.

It's Murder In The Choir!It's Murder In The Choir, the new play by Aperitivo Performance Group, will be performed in São Brás and Moncarapacho in May and June.

How many sopranos does it take to change a lightbulb? Two. One to screw it in and the other to say - Isn’t that a little high for you?

Maintaining the Algarve as a Safe Holiday DestinationAs part of Safe Communities Portugal’s protocol with the Ministry of Internal Administration under the Local Security Contract (CLS Program), and in association with Regional Tourism Algarve and a number of other public and private entities, a series of events will be held in April in the Algarve to promote Safe Tourism.
The first of these is a seminar "Algarve, a Safe Destination", which will take place on 10th April from 15.00 to 1800 hrs, in the Auditorium of the Portimão Museum. With a key focus on communication, its aim is to promote a joint reflection on the policies, measures and actions that continue to make the region one of the safest tourist destinations in the world.

“A Sense of Place” Exhibition - April 5th to 30thOlhao Painters (previously Olhao Artists Initiative) are a group of international artists who have reformed and rebranded. With the addition of several new members and a newly-built website the group have decided to concentrate on their strength…….. painting!! The Exhibition, ’A Sense of Place’ at Re-Criativa Republica 14 will have it's official opening on April 5th from 5.30 - 7.30pm (exhibition and bar will be open until 9) and is timed to run simultaneously with the eagerly awaited Olhao Film Festival, consequently the exhibition is expected to attract a great amount of attention. All are welcome!

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