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MikeMike Markowitz, known as Little Mike, is the leader of the New York City Blues band, ‘Little Mike and the Tornadoes.’

On Saturday, September 29th the band will be playing and the second annual ‘Blues a Sul’ with the Associação de Blues do Algarve at the Club Farense in Faro, 30 Rua de Santo Antonio, at 22.00.

meinkeThe ‘Secrets of Summer’ exhibition of works by Meinke Flesseman opens at the Museum of Portimão on September 8th at 6.00pm.

One of the Algarve's top tier artists, with a host of international clients and commissions, Meinke Flesseman’s impressive artistic career saw her first studying Fine Arts at the Lorenzo di Medici Academy in Florence, Italy, and then at the Volkov-Moscow Academy of Fine Arts, and finally, at the Ruud Wachers Academie in Amsterdam.

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