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Oceanfront Business Or Redevelopment Opportunity For SaleThis piece of Algarve property gold is a unique oceanfront property estate in Western Algarve, situated just 20 metres from the beach. It consists of multiple individual apartments and townhouses, with pool area, pool bar and restaurant.

In good condition throughout this offers a great investment to continue the current holiday rental business, or as a redevelopment project to a boutique hotel or luxury apartment complex.

Please contact us at info@propertyspecialistsalgarve.com for more information. Price on application. Confidential sale - principals only. 

Property Specialists Algarve (AMI license number 12943) - www.propertyspecialistsalgarve.com

alentejoview1Two weeks ago, EDIA and MELHOR ALENTEJO held meetings to detail proposals to accomplish what politicians just talk about. Portugal’s interior has great wealth, can increase exports and create jobs.

Already in 2009, the handbooks COMO SAIR DA CRISE A, B, and C, listed hundreds of niches to develop in rural areas for A-lgarve / Alentejo, B-eiras and Baixo Tejo, C-entro and Cumes.

Financial Market Report - Sept 24thThe Pound was having a pretty good week last week until Brexit came back to haunt us - The EU stated that the Cheques Plan created by Theresa May will not work, and there will have to be amendments for a deal to be made.

Theresa May responded in a speech on Friday afternoon by saying that the UK will not be having a second referendum and that a no deal scenario is better than a bad deal, implying that she will not be changing her stance.

The containers'PORTUGAL 2020, THREATS/OPPORTUNITIES' conference in Coimbra was attended by SMEs from the Algarve, Lisbon, Porto, Castelo Branco and Trás-os-Montes, among others.
Jack Soifer, the Brazilian-Swedish consultant for the Inter-American Investment Bank and the World Bank in 12 countries and who has supported 298 companies and institutions, presented some data that could lead us to a new Troika.

European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - How will the new Regulation affect you and your business?On the 28th May 2018, the biggest changes to Europe’s data protection rules since the 1990’s will come into effect.
In the last twenty years the way we create, store and work with data on a minute by minute basis has changed immensely, and the old data privacy rules simply do not work anymore; they don’t protect us against data misuse.

How to Market Any Business .. But Especially Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars and CafésRunning a business is never easy, there are so many pitfalls. And getting new customers, and old customers to return, is something that taxes many business owners. So, what are the secrets that work for successful businesses? 

This is a question I get every week. And believe it or not there is a formula that works for most businesses, most of the time. That’s not to say that marketing is easy. Or to say that all marketing works, most of it doesn’t!

BlIp2017cOn the opening day of BLiP Expo at the Portimão Arena, local mayor Isilda Gomes, visited the show and was delighted to visit the Bombeiros stand to witness the handover of the first mobile defibrillator of Operation Shock. See the BLiP video -  https://youtu.be/-dUUvVAWc64

Operation Shock is a collaboration between afpop, the exhibition organiser and largest association for expatriates in Portugal, and the Federation of the Fire Services of the Algarve.

The aim of Operation Shock is to provide this lifesaving defibrillator equipment for the region’s first response teams in each Bombeiros area, of which there are 17.

At the moment only the yellow INEM emergency vehicles are automatically equipped with defibrillators, meaning that if one of the red Bombeiros ambulances is despatched to an incident and the patient suffers cardiac arrest at the scene or during transport to the hospital, manual CPR is the only option for the attending nurse.

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