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TAPChairmanFrasquilhoThe President of TAP, Miguel Frasquilho, has joined the criticism already levelled by the head of the Portuguese Tourism Confederation, (HERE) stating that Lisbon’s airport will become the worst airport in the world for punctuality in a couple of years unless something is done to alleviate the pressure.

Frasquilho warned that, "if nothing is done, in two or three years, Portela Airport will, in terms of punctuality, the worst of the world,” adding that the punctuality stats showed a figure below of 50% so far this year.

4801The UK can walk away from Brexit by revoking Article 50, the EU’s top court has decided, also allowing the embattled PM to extend the negotiating time to organise an orderly exit.

The opinion accords with last week’s legal advice given to the Court of Justice in Luxembourg by its advocate general, who said as a sovereign nation, Britain could reverse its decision at any time without the need to gain agreement from any or all member States. 

porscheOlivier Parente, the former husband of the well-known Portuguese personality, Cláudia Jacques, has been charged by the Public Prosecutor in Portimão with three crimes of deception and one of money laundering.

Parente, of French and Portuguese nationality, is accused of posing as a lawyer and stealing money from French clients who thought they were buying property in Portugal.

bombeirosPortugal’s volunteer firefighters’ National Council has voted not to send any operational information to District Relief Operations Commanders, hence cutting the National Civil Protection Authority out of the information loop, as from Saturday night.

The firefighters’ president announced that his members would "immediately abandon" the National Authority for Civil Protection management structure and have nothing more to do with it.

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