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PremierFXA message has been posted on the website of the defunct Almancil business, Premier FX, '"The currency exchange experts,' announcing the appointment of Dina Devalia and Peter Hart, of PKF Geoffrey Martin & Co as joint administrators.

In addition to the shock of the collapse of the business in July, subsequent to the death of founder Peter Rexstrew on June 16th, customers have been appalled at the lack of information issued by the company since its closure on July 20th.

MarieLePenThe Web Summit, held for the past two years in Lisbon, was courting danger by inviting the French far-right leader, Marine Le Pen, to speak at its next conference on November 5th, 2018, at the Altice Arena.

Co-founder of the wildly popular event, Paddy Cosgrave, stated today that he had changed his mind and that Le Pen’s invitation had been withdrawn, "based on advice we have received and the large reaction online overnight."

electricityPortugal and Spain’s governments profess to being concerned that recent ‘abnormal’ electricity price rises are turning power into a luxury item for an increasing number of households.

The astonishing 20% rise in recent weeks in wholesale electricity prices across the Iberian market is worrying the two countries' energy chiefs so much that they have done what all politicians do when they lack answers, they have "set up a working group, to study the situation.”

SeguroSanchesThe Secretary of State for Energy today claimed that he knew nothing about the decision of the Loulé Administrative Court that halts exploratory oil drilling off Aljezur.

"The court legitimately made a decision that, I as a Secretary of State and also the Ministry of Economy did not know about, we are not part of the decision," said Jorge Seguro Sanches, speaking to incredulous journalists in Lisbon.

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