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carnation1974It has suited politicians throughout the decades to declare Portugal's 1974 revolution 'bloodless' with happy soldiers walking around with carnations stuck in their rifle barrels and a general feling or relief and bonhomie across the land.
One part of this rose-tinted view of history is incorrect -  the revolution was not 'bloodless' as four members of the public died after being shot from the roof of the DGS building in Lisbon's Rua António Maria Cardoso on the afternoon of April 25th, 1974.

carnationFreedom Day, Revolution Day or simply, Carnation Day, the 25th of April is a national holiday commemorating both the 1974 military coup and the first free elections on that date in 1975.

Peter Booker, the President of the Algarve History Association, writes about at the lead-up to the events in 1974 that changed Portugal from an unhappy, tense place under the Estado Novo regime, even after the death of the dictator António de Oliveira Salazar, into a fledgling democracy:

duarte limaDuarte Lima, the PSD's former parliamentary leader, is still free despite being convicted of fraud and money laundering in 2014.

Lima’s planned jailing on Tuesday has been delayed as the judge responsible for issuing the arrest warrant is not the same one who sentenced him in 2014.

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