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Luz Beach ApartmentsThe Luz Beach Apartments occupy which must be prime position in the Western Algarve, just 15 minutes from the one time capital of there Algarve -  Lagos - and just one hours drive from Faro Airport.

21 Studio and 1 and 2 bedroom apartments overlook a safe and sandy beach, with a pedestrian walkway to cross from the apartments to the beach. The perfect location for families with children.

The cost of taxi travel in 80 cities across the globeThe 2017 Taxi Price Index shows that Zurich, Switzerland has the world’s most expensive taxis, costing over €7 per kilometre. Cairo, Egypt has the world’s most affordable taxis, costing just 9 cents for one kilometre of travel.

Online used car dealership Carspring have produced a study revealing the price of taxi use in 80 cities around the world. With their interests in all things automotive, the online dealer looked to bring transparency to the public regarding taxi costs, particularly for those who may be travelling abroad this summer.
Included in the study are the prices of a 3km inner city taxi ride, a journey between the airport and the city centre, and the cost of one hour’s waiting time. To help those with real nerves about taxis altogether, the study also provides information on which models of car are most popular in each city, and if an alternative such as Uber is available in each location.

6208aA first in Portugal - Safe Communities Portugal is organising a public seminar in Cascais to create awareness of the increasing threat of on-line fraud affecting both the tourism industry as well as holiday makers themselves.

This is being planned in collaboration with the Public Security Police Lisbon Metropolitan Command and will be held on Friday 23rd June, 2017 in the Auditorium of the Cultural Centre of Cascais, starting at 16:15 for registration.

Private airport transfer services - "often cheaper and faster than normal taxis"The majority of holiday destinations in the Algarve lie outside the Faro area, more than 20km from Faro Airport – for example, Vilamoura (25Km), Albufeira (40Km), Carvoeiro (62Km), Portimão (70Km), Alvor (75Km) and Lagos (90Km), so transport is needed.

For those not needing a hire car for their holiday, or for residents not willing to leave a vehicle parked at Faro Airport when travelling outside the country, private transfers provided by local companies such as Algarserra represent the best transport option when compared to public buses or the traditional taxi service.

6199With a 'per bed per night' tourist tax now applicable in Lisbon, which other european countries apply a tax on visitors?

Such taxes capture revenue from outside the country so they are politically easy as voters don’t pay the tax; tourists and other travellers do raising a ‘taxation without representation’ issue.

Governments are accountable to tourists through market mechanisms so if the promised ‘investments’ from the tax are not used to develop an enhanced and tourist-friendly environment, then they will take their tourism euros elsewhere.

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