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Algarve beach in list of FT '2015 top choices'

beachcastelejoThe influential Financial Times newspaper has listed its journalists' best and worst travel destinations for 2015.

Vila do Bispo’s Castelejo is "the perfect beach" for the Pink Un’s cadre of travel journalists.

The FT listed its best and worst choices with Castelejo, in anti-oil Vila do Bispo, among the best destinations of the year.

Among the worst destinations in the world were Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, and Machu Picchu in Peru.

The Algarve beach was stumbled upon by food and travel journalist Paul Richardson, who started the day badly in Portimão, which nearly became one of the ‘disappointments of this year,’ followed by a trip west to Cape St. Vincent and the beaches of the Vila do Bispo region, including Bordeira, Amado and Arrifana - described as the "best preserved 60 kilometers of Southern Europe."

The most delightful surprise came when Richardson found Castelejo.

"This beach does feel small and grounded ... Among the few visitors, there was a certain solidarity: we are all here because we want something wild and primitive at our beaches," says the journalist.

Castelejo Beach was the "most fiercely beautiful", a beach that makes anyone "feel small and impressed."

Hopefully this beautiful beach will not get the Dona Ana treatment from the Ministry of the Environment which has a habit of fouling up perfectly beautiful spots by dumping sand dredged sand and building inappropriate walls from rocks torn from the seabed.