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Government contracts chief charged with receiving bribes

eurozoneAt long last the blatant thievery and corruption suspected for years at the government’s department of Infrastructure and Equipment (DGIE) has led to its former director-general being arrested and charged with receiving kick-backs from contractors.

State prosecutors suspect João Alberto Correia of running a self-enrichment scheme that may have netted him upwards of €1 million at the taxpayers’ expense.

Correia has been charged with 32 counts of accepting bribes.

The prosecution believes that Correia, who also is a former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, led a scheme intended to "benefit businesses, entrepreneurs, architects and designers belonging to his circle of friends and with whom he maintained a friendly relationship, exchanging favours over the granting of public works contracts issued by the DGIE."

João Correia, with the collaboration of others arrested today including Albino Rodrigues and Luiza Sá Gomes, directly awarded construction contracts worth €5.9 million to those on their friends list, avoiding the rules which regulate public procurement to aid transparency and free competition.

One of the businessmen involved in the illicit scheme was Henrique Oliveira, who with João Correia is a Mason in the Grand Orient Lusitano.

Oliveira’s companies benefitted from dozens of direct contracts issued by João Correia who then received a third of the value of these contracts as a kick-back.

Henrique Oliveira therefore has been charged with 27 counts of bribery and money laundering including direct payments of €60,000 to Correia.


-10 #3 Roger Wilmott 2015-05-08 08:39
As above - so below.

In every municipal in the land has been and will be the same mentality. Enriching best friends and family.

As often said - these stories only surface because some heavy hitter has missed out over the years and kicks off. Someone who was quite happily playing the game when it suited them - the bungs and bribes - but then wants his dominoes back when he gets squeezed out of contracts.

Not an ideal way to run a country or its concelho's and no use at all to the EU. And reminding us yet again that foreigners - especially from the old British Empire - have no chance of bettering themselves legally here.
-6 #2 Benny 2015-05-07 18:42
Oh dear ! what a surprise 8)
-9 #1 Karel 2015-05-07 17:48
Dear Ed, why telling us this specific case.... they are all similar...this is general rule in Portugal !