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Italy wants to shift migrants to Africa

immigrantsboatItaly, in the frontline for illegal migrants, has proposed establishing a system of reception centres in North Africa to screen those trying to reach Europe.

It believes there should be three facilities, run internationally, in countries such as Niger, Tunisia and Sudan to vet refugees and economic migrants.

Refugees could begin the asylum application process while still there, but illegal migrants could be turned back to their countries of origin.

Angelino Alfano, the interior minister, said there was an urgent need for a “preventive” system of screening.

“Those who have the right to refugee status would be distributed fairly to various European countries. Those who do not, will not be given permission to leave.”

Last year more than 170,000 refugees and migrants made it to Italy by boat. More than 9,000 have already reached the country this year despite winter being the worst season for crossing the Mediterranean.

"We have to be ready to address a more difficult situation than last year," said Fabrice Leggeri. "Our sources tell us there are anywhere between 500,000 to a million people ready to leave from Libya".

With the collapse of law and order in Libya, smuggling operations are able to thrive.

The Italians will put forward their plan, which is similar to proposals already discussed by the European Commission, at a meeting of EU interior ministers on Thursday.


-13 #1 Peter Booker 2015-03-12 07:32
And who was it who created the unstable state of Libya, with their bombing and deposition and murder of Gaddafi? That´s right, the USA and UK, backed up by the useless EU. If Gaddafi were still in power, these emigrants would be still in Libya.

Let those who created the problem come up with a solution.