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Praia da Rocha beach bar concession goes for €170,000

praiadarochaThe minimum bid was set at €10,000, but the final price of €62,000 for the concession of the old Sasha’s beach bar at Praia da Rocha, plus €3,000 a month for three years, has delighted Portimão’s cash-strapped council.

The public auction for the rights to operate the bar-restaurant on Praia da Rocha beach raised far more than anyone expected, €170,00 over three years.

The winner of the open auction now has the rights to occupy and operate the 250m2 beach restaurant, but with one condition - it will have to be open for business for at least nine months of the year.

The concession rights include ​​3,400 m2 of beach which can be used for events each year between 1 July and 31 August.

The new concession holder has to pay to fix up and maintain the building and the work must be completed within three months.

The venue gained fame as Sasha Beach, with rather loud, late night parties and evening entertainment throughout the summer and latterly has operated as Meo Spot, Búzios and Portimão Summer Sessions.





+1 #1 Margaridaana 2017-03-18 14:14
I understood that a great many of the beach restaurants have been demolished, compulsorily, as in Monte Gordo for example. If this is the case, why should it be allowed to go ahead in Praia de Rocha, an area that already has far too many noisy bars and night venues? The saving grace is, I suppose, that it will be confined to an already raped and pillaged part of the Algarve, and not spoil some more attractive area.