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Cheshire Homes Charity Shop - Open every Wednesday

Cheshire Homes Charity Shop - Open every WednesdayThe Cheshire Homes shop in Carcavelos is opening on Wednesday, 15 June from 10 - 13 hrs, in their basement. Then afterwards every Wednesday throughout the year.

They will be selling ladies and mens clothes, shoes and accessories, Bric a brac, Linens. Top price for clothes is not more than €5 so come along and grab yourself a bargain. Coffee and biscuits will be served.

The residents hope to see you on Wednesday 15th June, or any Wednesday after. Entrance is through the side gate a little further on from the main entrance.

For more information please contact:

Address: Loja Boa Vontade, Lar da Boa Vontade, Av. do Loureiro No 251, 2775-599 Carcavelos
T:  214 572 696

Cheshire Homes Charity Shop - Open every Wednesday