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Culin’Art Dinners - May 5th & 6thThe celebration of gastronomy through unique 4-Hands collaborations at VILA VITA Parc.

Food is never an afterthought at VILA VITA Parc. The dining experience is a grand adventure, made even more memorable by the exquisite Portuguese hospitality. With a total of 6 bars and 10 restaurants, ranging from casual beachside dining and rustic, regional Portuguese plates to one-of-a-kind gastro-creations at the two Michelin-starred restaurant and clean Japanese cuisine, diversity is key to the resort’s culinary philosophy.

Business Breakfast - Oct 25th

The British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the next Business Breakfast in the Algarve: “Golden Visa - Algarve’s new golden opportunity?” - Ricardo Ferreira – Lawyer & Managing Partner of Portugal for Martínez-Echevarría & Ferreira, Sara Allen – Real Estate Director for Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts and  Chitra Stern – CEO for Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts.

The event will be held at HILTON VILAMOURA AS CASCATAS GOLF RESORT on Tuesday 24th April at 8.15am.

In honour of the last queen of PortugalIn honour of the last queen of Portugal Mar d’Estórias shares the vital praise that Benamôr makes to Portugal. Benamôr was born in 1925, and 93 years later it continues to honour the art deco in Portugal, with a never-stop-production to this day.
The soul of Benamôr keeps alive for, not only continuing to do everything inPortugal (creams, tubes and packaging) but also because the brand insistson producing the handmade soap.

Daniel Fonseca The soul of a store is more than its products; it’s also their staff and their stories!

Mar d'Estórias is proud present the story of our barman Daniel Fonseca, who has been part of the Mar d'Estórias team since its opening in 2016. Daniel not only enriches the palates of those who pass through here with his innovative drinks, but dazzles with his other passion - photography.

SHS SolutionsLooking for SHS SOLAR SOLUTIONS ?! We now have our new location opposite the GNR on Almancil.

For all your Solar Power, Infrared Heating and Battery Backup  needs.

Rua da Republica was festively illuminated near the post office in Almancil when the Algarve Property Agency opened the newly redesigned business premisesBig opening party in Almancil: With many customers and celebrity guests from all over Europe, Algarve Property Agency officially inaugurated their newly designed offices at a weekend New Year's Eve reception. The "Meet and Greet" in Rua da República 72 was attended by leading representatives from the hotel, tourism, trade, real estate, construction and legal services sectors.

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