Thursday, 29 June 2017
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11444Business support service company, Neomarca, has launched an online survey that explores the attractiveness of the Algarve to businesses, and how businesses can better be supported in the future.

This survey collects information that will be presented to local, regional and national authorities, alongside other key research that Neomarca is producing.

Algarve Website Design

There are many reasons for having your own web site, you may have a small business, be involved with a club, charity or organisation, or may just want a site with information about yourself for friends and family to look at. These days the internet is the first place people turn for almost everything, and as a small business, club or organisation you're almost invisible without an internet presence. You need a professional looking website that shows the public who you are and what you do, and you need to be able to update the information on your site yourself, as and when necessary. Algarve Website Design offer the perfect solution.

What is Your Pricing Strategy?There are a lot of reasons to be in business. For some it is about autonomy and freedom. Others talk about having a passion for their business area.

But for the majority money plays a part.
So finding ways to optimise the money element of the business seems to make sense for the majority. That being so I’m always amazed that so few have investigated pricing strategies and the psychology behind how people perceive value and what they are prepared to pay.

icecreamIn Portugal, two foreign companies dominate the market for ice cream and prevent small enterprises making any progress outside their local municipalities or outside city limits.

Although criticized by several government departments, the big companies obtained court injunctions so that that, individually, each artisan ice cream maker can operate in his own area, but will have problems trying outside.

Thousands visit BLiP EXPO 2016Thousands of visitors took advantage of the opportunity to speak to a wide variety of businesses at this year’s BLiP EXPO in the Portimão Arena over last weekend and many of those exhibitors have already expressed their satisfaction with the outcome.

The President of the Portimão Câmara, Isilda Gomes, toured the Exhibition on Saturday afternoon accompanied by Michael Reeve (CEO of the organisers afpop) and Chris Ireland, President of afpop’s Management Council and met many of the Exhibitors. In a televised interview she praised the event and its important role in raising the profile of Portimão amongst the resident and business community.

Doing business in Portugal: Portugal trade and export guideA guide for British businesses who are interested in developing their overseas trade and doing business in Portugal.

CLICK HERE to read the Doing business in Portugal: Portugal trade and export guide

Photo courtesy of portugalresident.comQUALITY PAINTS, Lagos - now BREXIT decision known, BUSINESS BACK UP FOR SALE - lock, stock and barrel, so get your bids in!

If you’re looking to keep body and brain active whilst still having ample time to enjoy the Algarvean lifestyle, (current opening hours are Mon to Fri, 10.00 to 16.00 - unlike 24/7 for bar/restaurant type businesses), then this could be for you!
We still enjoy running the business and would very much like to continue, but unfortunately neither of us is getting any younger and the physical aspects are getting a bit beyond us, aaaah!


Holidirect Introductory Offer - 50% OFFFounded earlier this year, and officially launched on July 1st, Holidirect is the innovation of friends and colleagues Sue Lewis and Sue Englefield. As owners and managers of our their own rental properties, they have experienced the shortcomings of property rental websites, and so have put together many years of experience in both the IT and holiday rental business and seized the opportunity to create a platform for owners to advertise and manage their own properties, and provide holidaymakers with a straight forward and personal way to book their holiday.

" is an online marketplace with the owner AND traveller in mind. We put clients in touch with the owners directly, and do not charge all the extras fees that have become 'the norm' these days. Our goal is to provide a simple yet effective service for owners and holidaymakers."