Thursday, 19 October 2017
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Art Holidays in EuropeNegla and Jane invite you to a memorable art holiday with a twist... expect to be enveloped in a relaxing journey of art, food and adventure in one of two picturesque locations in the Eastern Algarve (June and October) and Gascony (September).

Think you can't draw? Our teachers are highly qualified artists whose passion and enthusiasm brings out the creative in you, giving you all the confidence you need to produce your own portfolio.

Art Holidays in EuropeYou will discover the basic principles of one and two point perspective and be able to select and analyse composition. You will understand how to use colour, shadow and tone to create a dramatic painting. At the end of the week you will have a portfolio of work and will impress with a final major composition.

Your days start with a formal but friendly two hour teaching session. Then the rest of the day is yours to relax as hard as you like. This flexibility will allow for some days packed with activities that interest you such as kayaking, sailing, horse riding, walking and yoga. Alternatively, you can stay in the studio and just keep painting!

Portuguese and French society revolves around food so expect a culinary tour of the local culture in every meal. Our cuisine uses locally sourced and healthy produce. Clean eating is no fad - it's the norm here! Of course, we are more than happy to cater for all dietary needs.

Our historic and atmospheric properties are situated in Portugal’s picturesque town of Olhão and the charming French village of Sos. You'll find both are full of subjects you will want to draw! In Olhão you'll stay in traditional fishermen’s cottages that have been sensitively restored by Olhão architects in local style and with great charm, inspirational and all with modern interiors. The accommodation in Sos is a 19th century railway station that was in use until 1969 and has now been meticulously restored and adapted into elegant and spaciously comfortable accommodation.

This tailor-made holiday will encourage you to tap into your artistic talents in a relaxed and sociable environment, with locally sourced healthy meals and activities. It is for anyone with an artistic interest past or present. At the end of the week you will have created your own portfolio and enjoyed some mindful time.

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