Monday, 27 March 2017
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Works by Francisco António de Almeida, Carlos Seixas, António Pereira da Costa and David Peres.
“Triumph of Portuguese Baroque Music” is a programme that offers a glimpse into the extraordinary musical repertoires of the Baroque period in Portugal, when the Johannine kingdom adopted the aesthetic models in vogue at the time in Rome and Naples. The new compositional influences combined with the Portuguese polyphonic tradition produces a unique form of the Baroque.

Dog most like it's owner 2016 - Angelina owned by ReginaTHEY’RE calling it the West Coast Fun Dog Show because it’s all about having fun with your dogs.

That reminds me:

Q: Why aren’t dogs good dancers?
A: Because they have two left feet.


Q: What do you call a dog magician?
A: A labracadabrador.

Car Boot sale

Car Boot Sale Sunday April 2nd at Old School House, Vales, Aljezur, and the first Sunday of every month after that.

BPCCA lunch-debate with the Secretary of State for Tourism, Mrs. Ana Mendes Godinho, to be held on the 4th April from 12:15pm, at the Hilton Vilamoura.

With the vast majority of our members in the Algarve having a direct or indirect reliance on tourism, with seasonal fluctuations still being the region’s main concern, knowing exactly how government supports and promotes this sector is of vital importance to all working and living in this nationally important area.

Quinta dos Vales' "Open Door" - April 2ndWe are only one week away from the “Open Door 2017”, Quinta dos Vales annual event where the new white and rosé wines are introduced to the public, along with some of the most recent red wines already on the market.

Entrance is free of charge and open to all and no booking is required.

Activity Algarve Bike Rides

Thanks to all who attended rides last week, let's hope the weather behaves for us this week!

Sue ParkerMediterranean Gardening Association – Portugal, Members and Friends Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday April 1st 2017, including a talk by Sue Parker, followed by guided walk 'Wild Orchids – Odysseys & Oddities'.

“Go to the right places in the Algarve at the right times of year, and the most amazing orchid sights will greet you.”

Sue Parker shares her time between homes in Wales and the Algarve and travels, mainly in Europe, to see, photograph and learn more about wild terrestrial orchids. Her passion for wild orchids dates back to her childhood in the Far East, where epiphytic orchids grew on the fence at the bottom of her garden.

'A Viking Legacy – Iron Age journeys and findings' - talk on April 4thOn Tuesday 4th April, the Algarve Archaeological Association (AAA) will be presenting two lectures, in English, by Hampus Norrgren. The first lecture will be at 2.30pm at the Museu do Trajo in Sao Bras, the second lecture will be at 5.45pm at the Convento de Sao Jose in Lagoa.